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  1. Ajibola

    Good day sir,
    Thank you so much for helping others, may your wishes be granted.

    Sir, can you assist me with what to use to cure a problem called “ofa ara” in yoruba.
    It is in the back and affects all parts of the body.
    Much drugs have been used, even medical line, but no solution yet.

    One “Agunmu” was used the other time and was effective, but since it finished the thing get more power.
    The name of the Agunmu is not known.

    Please, help us sir

    1. Giwa (Post author)

      Mail me: herbaldoctor@live.com for solution.

  2. Olukemi

    Hello Sir,

    I just want to say how pleased I am to find this site. I hope to be able to train one day in natural therapies.One great challenge is putting a picture to the many names of our wealth of herbs.For instance, I used to walk past castor bean near my house and never knew. I hope to receive your book with pictures. I am part of the ‘Naturalista’ movement, encouraging and believing that natural remedies are effective and less harmful. I look forward to interacting here and am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge. Also interested in price of honey per litre please Sir, wholesale price. Remain blessed

    1. Giwa (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment.
      We all guilty of not knowing much about the herbs that Almighty blessed us with.
      I am also a student in the world of herbs, hopefully we can all learn together.
      One litre of pure honey is N3,000.00 (retail), For wholesale price call or whatsapp me on 08184408033.
      Bitter honey is more expensive.
      I would like to know more about the naturalista movement.


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