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« on: June 03, 2017, 11:21:36 AM »
Most lay people are at first intimidated by medical terminology. To some it seems as if doctors are trying to keep their patients in a state of confusion. However, this is not the case. Professionals in many fields, including health care, have over the years found it difficult to find terms from our everyday language that adequately and precisely described what they dealt with.

There are two basic vocabularies that we will be concerned with in this lesson. The first is terminology having to do with health and health care. The second is terminology having to do with botanical names.

Neuro- means having to do with the nerves. It should come as no surprise that musculo- means having to do with the muscles and skeletal means having to do with the bones. Neuromusculoskeletal therefore means having to do with the nerves, muscles and bones.

peridontitis - inflammation of the area around the tooth (e.g. the gum)
appendicitis - inflammation of the appendix
conjunctivitis - inflammation of the conjunctiva (the inner membrane of the eyelids)
dermatitis- inflammation of the skin
rhinitis- inflammation of the nose
cystitis- inflammation of the bladder
colitis - inflammation of the colon
antalgesic - an agent that is "against pain," or a pain-relieving agent
anthelmintic-a substance that is against worms
antihistamine - a substance that opposes the action of histamine, a chemical secreted by the body to initiate an inflammatory reaction
anticoagulant - a substance that opposes coagulation or clotting of the blood
emmenagogue- an agent that promotes menstrual flow
tonsillectomy - surgical removal of the tonsils
tonsilitis - inflammation of the tonsils
arthritis - inflammation of a joint
dysmenorrhea-difficult or painful menstruation
dyspnea-difficulty breathing
synapse - where two nerve cells connect or "come together"