Medicinal Value of Mistletoe

Mistletoe, the parasitic plant is a peculiar plant. Its roots sink into the branches and
trunks of other trees, instead of into the soil.

The seeds need sunlight to germinate, unlike most other plants that need darkness. The
leaves produce chlorophyll even in the darkness, unlike other plants that turn yellowish
when there is no light.

Mistletoe is an evergreen plant that does not die easily. As a parasite, mistletoe is a
disease on other plants which makes farmers to dread the plant.

Mistletoe produces toxic berries, which are eaten by birds that spread them to other trees.

Being gelatinous, the seeds stick easily to the trees and so germinate there.

The leaves contain choline and acetylcholine, which act directly on the autonomic nervous

The berries contain alkaloids and toxic substances. For this reason, I advise
against any form of internal application of the berries.

The mistletoe on guava, kolanut, cocoa and trees of the citrus family are the most potent
kinds of mistletoe.

All other are also good but may not be as effective as the ones mentioned above.

For the treatments of cancer, the mistletoe of guava is the best, This is because it
contains the highest concentration of lectins, a kind of proteins that science has
discovered to destroy cancerous tumors and cells.

The best time to collect mistletoe in tropical country like Nigeria is between 12noon and
1pm. As soon as you collect the leaves, rinse them in water, and then spread them out on a
mat or zinc in an airy place.

Do not expose the leaves to direct sunlight for more than one day. This is generally true
of all herbs.

It is always better to dry fresh leaves in a shady but airy place. It takes
seven to 10 days for mistletoe to be properly dried.

As the leaves get dried they tend to turn dark in colour.

Indeed, mistletoe is a very peculiar plant.

Mistletoe is found all over the world wherever there are big trees, and it has many
species. To treat diseases, in most cases, the leaves of mistletoe are boiled and the
liquid filtrated is used as tea.

Mistletoe is not meant for the sick alone. It is also recommended for those who wish to
remain healthy.

Drinking a cup of mistletoe tea daily will ensure protection against diabetes, malaria,
typhoid, migraine, hypertension, pneumonia and all sorts of physical ailments.

It has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for the treatment for cough, especially
convulsive cough, bronchial asthma, and asthmatic attacks due to psychological tension.

Traditional herbal medicine uses mistletoe as a natural treatment for arthritic pain and it
is believed to be an effective external treatment for leucorrhoea, gout and sciatica.

Mistletoe should not be used along with heart medications as the combination creates an
increased risk of cardiac slow-down.

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